Saturday, January 16, 2010

Johnny its your birthday! (sort of)

I think I should win the worst sister of the year award! This is the second year being late getting Johnny's birthday wish out to him! But, you know what they say...better late than never!
To wish Johnny a happy birthday I have asked everyone a favorite memory or something they love about Johnny and here are the answers:

Dad Says: "I remember fishing at Piute Lake with him...the fetcher caught the biggest fish, it was like 4lbs! He may not catch the most, but he always catches the biggest"

Mom Says: "The first time I met Johnny I made potty pudding....and yet he still married Teisha."

Cory Says: "He saved me from a boring family reunion. He brought his awesome remote control car and let me drive it...and still likes me even though I wrecked it."

Shilo Says: "Johnny has helped me with so many computer things...and is great to vent to"

Levi Says: "He and Teisha came out and stayed really late helping us frame our house, even though it was cold and I am sure they were tired"

Lyndsy Says: "I get to talk nerd with him."

Teisha (His Wife) Says: "He spoils me and is such an awesome daddy. The first time he told me he loved me, I was laying by him and had just fallen asleep. He said you know Teisha I love you, I have never said that to anyone!"

Star Says: "When he was living with us or even know, when he visits, he is willing to take me anywhere or just do anything...he is really generous."

Gunner Says: "He has taught me a lot about computers."

Gavin Says: "He buys me donuts"

Taya Says: "He does lots of stuff on the computer."

Happy (late) Birthday Johnny!

Have I mentioned I am not ready for this....

Yup, I got kicked out of my family room Thursday night.
Gunner had a friend sleep over, since they had no school. Well I guess he talks about his "girlfriend" quite a bit at school, cause the first thing that his friend wanted to was see Rachel. So off they go to her house. Me and Taya at just settled into watch some girly girl show and in walks Gunner, Gavin, the sleep over friend, Rachel and her friend. Yea, they wanted to hang out and just watch a movie or something. And could you please go up stairs mom!

Yea...I am not ready for this!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tales from a 2nd grade class clown...

So Gavin is too smart for his own good! I have been told by his past three teachers that they have to have extra activities (think word searches, mazes, etc) ready for Gavin. Because he is often the first one done with his assignment but if he does not have something to occupy that smart little brain of his, then he will distract his classmates! Poor teachers, they really should be made saints!

Here are a few examples of his work that I have pulled out of his back pack in the last two weeks. Maybe this will give you an idea of what poor Mrs Bischel is dealing with this year.

Assignment one: draw a volcano and label the various parts of it.

Gavin's completed assignment: Top word "Mane vane" , second word down "Volcano" Bottom left words "alot of lava" top right words, pointing to a stick figure man "running person that isn't safe". When I asked Gavin what this was his answer was "The parts of a volcano" didn't know that a stick figure and a lot of lava were really a scientific part of a volcano!
Assignment two: Read the story of the Emperors new clothes and complete the work sheet.

Question one: How would you feel if you were tricked like the emperor? Gavins answer: I would feel mad and embarrassed. Good answer!
Question two: Would you punish those who tricked you? Why or Why not? Gavin's original answer: I would pee on them! The scribble on the side originally was the teachers answer Really?!? But after I told a few people about this Gavin stole it off my table and changed the answer to I would make them smell my stinky socks and scribbled out the teachers comment Better answer?!?

Assignment three: A spelling/phonics test

Gavin was given a large sheet of paper to write this on. Yet all ten of his words are contained in a area about 3/4 inch by 3/4 of inch. As you can see the teacher has suggested he write a little larger! Her writing is the same size most people write in, if that gives you an idea of how small his writing was!

It is really hard for me to reprimand or suggest that was not a good idea, when I am smirking and giggling the whole time! Well, at least, the assignments are done right?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Fun

I have been fairly neglectful of updating this blog and my craft blog, but the holidays really took me away...but it was well worth it, cause we had such a nice time!

It makes a world of difference working for the boss I have. Last year I worked through both holidays and could not take any extra time off. This year my boss gave me as much time as I could afford off. Which was not as much as I wanted, bills still have to be paid ya know?

Christmas Eve was so nice! This is the first year I have had Christmas Eve off and Cory was off too! So we took the kids to see Alvin and the Chipmunks. I think at one point I turned to Cory and said put me out of my misery! But the kids loved it and the look on Tayas face with her sweet grin, made the torture of the lame movie okay. Then we went home and passed out neighbor gifts. We joined my family at sizzler for dinner,

which is our tradition not to make our poor mommy cook twice. When we got home we let the kids open there Christmas PJs then we watched A Christmas story.

Once the kids were in bed we had to wait forever! Taya did not go to sleep until well after 12.

I think the kids got what they were after! Gunner asked for a telescope and Santa must have known Cory and I are to stupid to figure out a basic telescope, cause he got a really nice computer guided one. Now if it would just warm up a bit so that he can use it!

Taya asked for a pink DS, which she got. But she seemed most excited about the a hamster cage connect tunnel that she got. And loves the ZU ZU pet that she got a few days later.

Gavin also asked for a DSI. He loves playing with all the neighbor kids online with it. He was excited by all the beef jerky that he got too!

Cory spoiled me!! He bought a really pretty heart pendant the kids picked out for me. It is done with a several colors of stones so it looks like a rainbow. Love it! and he got me a new skillet, I have needed a new one for a while now!

New years Eve was fun too! We used the gift my parents got us, a gift certificate to Outback. We went with our friends, Chad and Danelle and then hung out at our house playing games. Discovered a good one we had in the closet, sequence, if you have never played it, give it a try, it is so addicting!!

The next day Cory and Gavin went rabbit hunting with his brothers. Gunner, Taya and I went and saw the new Princess movie. It is really cute! Even Gunner seemed to enjoy it.

I hope everyone else had a nice holiday. Now in the words of Soul II Soul "Back to life Back to Realty!"