Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Dads Day!

To my hot hubby.....your the best!!! I love you!! I am so glad that I got to make you a dad, that you love to wrestle, except at bed time...and that your kids adore you!

My dad....I love you! Thanks for not putting me out on the curb during my teenage years, daddisms (close the door, you raised in a barn, bus leaves in 5 minutes, floor sweepings, arms and legs painted on...I could go on and on!) , not murdering Cory and being the best papa!

My brother, Levi...or as I call him, Gavin Sr! You are an awesome dad, a great uncle and the best brother!!! Thanks for making me an aunt!

And my brother in law Johnny! You rock! Thanks for being a 'puter genius, IMing me at work when I am bored and letting me whine....oh and that adorable little guy...who looks nothing like you, by the way!! Miss you all!

Thank  you all for being such good examples to my boys on how to be a great dad, a good man and for just being there!! Now go grill something!