Saturday, December 19, 2009

School Program

One of the best things about my job is my bosses complete understanding that while I do need a job and work for him that my family and especially my kids come first and he doesn't try to make me feel guilt about it. So when I told him about there upcoming Christmas programs I didn't even have to beg to take the some time off to go!

This also happened to fall on best dress day, so they all were wearing ties and Christmas dresses, it was really cute!

They are officially out of school for the rest of the year. Yea for them...hard on Cory and I.

Hope your Christmas shopping is almost done, cause there are only 6 days left!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Yesterday was our ward Christmas party...If you have not heard we LOVE our ward. The day we moved in, New Years Eve mind you, we had more neighbors on our door step, ready to help than we had ever even meet in our other wards.

Cory was going through an in active moment at this point. I credit the people in this ward and the spirit in this ward 100% for him coming back. He is the motivator some weeks, that gets us to church, which is a huge switch in our marriage. The weeks that he has to work on Sunday, he definitely gets a little down.

So with that said, I felt this ward was pretty amazing and we have all said we will never be able to leave this ward.

Yesterdays Christmas party was no exception to the incredibleness of this ward. First, it was in morning instead of the evening. We sigined up to bring breakfast casseroles, I made a yummy creme brulee ala Rosie. There were so many, hashbrown ones, quiches, crumbles, yummy! And there was Shirley's bakery cinnamon rolls, these are the next best thing to my moms. OJ, Milk and hot chocolate rounded out the meal.

We had been told "special guests" would be visiting. So we went fully expecting the nativity scene to be wandering around. The last ward we were in did not allow Santa Clause to come. I think that the nativity is beautiful and very spiritual, but also know that for a kid, nothing replaces Santa clause.

Not only did Santa come, but the special guests were Scrounge, The Grinch and Mrs Clause.

Santa was the first to arrive. Gunner really could have cared less, Gavin hide and Taya had a little thrill before she went back to her breakfast. But when the Grinch was announced all three of them were out of their seats and screaming with excitement, "The Grinch! The Grinch!" Taya then jumped out of her chair, ran to the front and threw herself into The Grinch's arms!

I mean this guy was in full Grinch costume. And he had the walk down, the attitude and the anti Christmas spirit and all! I was a little frightened! That's kids for you!

Now Gavin has never been a fan of Santa:
Exhibit A

Just over two years, screaming at the top of his lungs!

Exhibit B

Age 5: This is the next time he would even consider Santa and this is the best picture I have of him with the The Man. But he is fighting tears hear

and Exhibit C

Age 6: Standing as far as he can be from Santa, but still remain in the picture.

So it should have come as no surprise yesterday when he would not get any closer than this

to Santa. And notice how thrilled he is with the idea of sitting on his lap!

So why then when the Grinch took a turn in Santa's chair did I find Gavin like this?

Gunner was a whole nother story. He has figured out Santa. Plus he was sitting by his little "girlfriend" So when I said I want picture of all three of you with Santa, so I can frame it (my tradition I have one from every year since Gunner was a baby, but most of them are just these two

cause of Gavins little phobia) he rolled his eyes and acted all put out about it. But when the time came he really was excited

This is Taya and he friend Jaylynn

and this is her at one of the little craft stations that were set up for the kids

If I were going to give this picture a title I would call it "visions of sugar plums"! The funny part was once she was done, she took all the candy off gave it to me and would only eat the marshmallows and the pretzels. Weird kid, who doesn't like candy or frosting for that matter!

Only a one more week of school for them and they are done for the year. They have a half day on Friday. They are more than a little excited about it! Now if only I were done Christmas shopping.........