Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Dance!

I am doing a little dance right now! As you all know I have been trying to lose some weight not only to help with the prediabetes I was recently diagnosed with but also so I can make Cory by me the designer jeans he promised if I get down to my goal weight. So far I have lost 40 lbs. I went back on the diet on Tuesday, but did not expect much with the holiday and pie - really because of the pie. So I was fully prepared for disappointment this morning when I got on the scale - but I have lost 5 more lbs! Bringing the total to 45 lbs.

Cory, I hope you are prepared to work some over time here soon, cause designer jeans ain't cheap!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Too funny not to post..

Nana: Gavin what do you want for your birthday dinner?
Gavin: Ribs (with no hesitation)
Nana: Okay, what about for dessert?
Gavin: A wedding cake!
Nana: A wedding cake?!?!
Gavin: Yes, with flames on it.
Nana: With flames?!!?
Gavin: Yes and chocolate, lots of chocolate.

Have fun with that mom!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

What a weekend!

I must say I am a little glad it is over! Don't get me was a blast...but I am TIRED! And day light savings did not help much.

First I have felt pretty lousy since Thursday. I am not one to complain alot, but this one knocked me out of commission all day Thursday and a good chunk of Friday. At this point I am grateful that I have a very understanding boss. I love my job! (If you think I am sucking up, my boss is not a follower of this there!)

So setting that a side, the big part of the weekend was Gavin's baptism.

Isn't he a cutie! I am so proud of him!! The man next to him is pretty cute too! This was Saturday afternoon. Yes, Halloween. I told Gavin at least he will always remember what day he was baptized on.

We live in a very child filled neighborhood. I had seven bags of candy. Yea we went through that by 8:00. I also had about 4 dozen little toys, yep, gone. And two boxes of fruit snacks later the kids stopped coming. It was alot of fun. We have never lived in this kind of a neighborhood. We had one neighbor putting on a continuous magic show, another had a witch that was flying around his house and his yard was full of tombstones and he was dressed as Frankenstein rocking out to music. Our bishop had a disco going on is garage. Another neighbor had a full buffet of nachos, hot dogs and hot chocolate. I didn't think our house looked to bad either.

We had a lot of people that would pose their kids on the porch and then take pictures. It was a real kick.

This year Gunner went out trick or treating with his friends. This is the first year he has gone without a adult. I will admit I had a hard time with it! I wanted Cory to trail him, but he said that might look a little scary to some other observant parent. (Probably true) But I was a wreck the whole time he was gone!

Taya and Gavin went with friends and parents from the ward. Yea, we totally pond our kids off on some one else!

What a fun, busy day!