Friday, February 27, 2009

Taya Baby!

Taya, our "baby" is 6 today. I can't believe my sweet little MayMay, is 6!! So in her honor...

1. Taya is my sweet little princess, the one we waited for after we lost Shaylee.
2. Taya is so patient, probably from having 2 big brothers.
3. She loves any thing mini - the smaller the better!
4. Taya is the only kid I know who would rather eat an orange or apple over cake and cookies!
5. Give her a box of cereal and her "buggy" and she is one happy girl!
6. When she was about 2 she was jumping on my bed, did a back flip and landed on her nose on a book case. It was 8:30 at night, I was home with the kids by myself. There was blood everywhere and she passed out. I called 911. They cops, fire dept and ambulance all arrived. She ended up being okay, after 11 stitches across her tiny little nose. But to this day she still has a very faint scar.

I love you Taya, you are my sweet little princess!!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Fight Bruins Fight

Taya attended the itty bitty bruins cheer camp this past week. She learned to do a cute dance that they performed at the half time of the Springville/Mtn View basketball game. She also learned some of the cheers. She was excited to attend this year, because one of the girls from her school class was in it with her, as was her friend from the neighborhood. She sure was the cutest one there!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday Levi B. Tippetts

1. Levi is very hard working.
2. He was my first best friend.
3. Growing up without Levi would have been so boring!! He definitely made the teenager years a little more interesting!
4. Levi is a cute daddy to his 3 beautiful girls.
5. Levi builds amazing furniture, I am truly amazed at what he can create.
6. He is the only boy, and handles it very well!
7. He served a mission in Brazil.
8. He'll it a pan of fudge jumbles, by himself if we let him.
9. Gavin is a mini version of Levi in both looks and personality.
10. I wanted him to be my maid of honor, but he elected to do music duty instead.
11. His middle name is Bear.
12. He speaks Spanish/Portuguese.
13. He would kill for a Dr Pepper, although I am not sure if he is "off" them right now.
14. Levi built the home that his family lives in and did lots of the work building our parents home as a teenager.
15. Has a great sense of fashion, for a man.
16. He and his sweet wife, Lyndsy have been married for five years.
17. Levi loves to camp and fish.
18. Love meat.
19. Levi and I are 13 months apart in age.
20. A great friend.
21. A wonderful priesthood holder.
22. Loves to wrestle with his nephews.
23. Great on vocals for rock band.
24. Levi is addicted to facebook and has gotten the rest of us into it.
25. Levi has very sweet eyes.
26. Has a fear of clowns.
27. Is a good example.
28. Levi was a really cute baby!
29. Has a very strong testimony in Heavenly Father.