Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gavin & I...

Gavin & I at the play If you Give a Mouse a Cookie.. being presented right now at the Scera. This play was adorable! I wish I could take the other two kids, but unfortunately it is sold out.

While I was at the school I popped into see Taya. She had just sat down to lunch and much to my delight...she was actually eating her vegtables! I actually have done something right as a mom.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

You might be a redneck if...

...you recognize where this picture was taken!

K I just had to get that one dig in...but don't tell Cory!

So Cory is really into Nascarr. I mean...really...yea I still love him. But he actually said, "Hey why don't you post some of my Nascarr Pictures on the blog" and when he actually shows an interest in this blog...I am going to jump on it! (Even if that means boring the rest of you with Nascarr pictures)

He actually had a once in a life time experience. A good friend of ours, Chad, got him pit passes with Karl Edwards, who drives for Aflac/Kellogg's. (Thanks Chad!)

Now normally, our house is a Jimmy Johnson fan through and through...after all the guy works for Lowes, who else would he route for...but he was still really excited to meet Karl Edwards. He got to like "meet" him, like how ya doing, meet him. Then he got feed all his meals, got special box seating, took a "back stage" tour of the neon garage, pit road and all the other areas, that I don't know the name of. This was so funny for him! (Thanks Chad!)

Standing on the back of something, that I am sure I am suppose to know the name of.

Should I be jealous?

Touching a tire!!! OHHHH! Angelic music planning...

Hey good lookin'!

The reason Cory never has the camera on our family trip...this is the one picture of him and Chad together and it took massive editing for it to make it look this decent...seriously, who takes pictures with the sun behind them?

48, Jimmy Johnson's car...who he normally routes for.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Taya..... Baby!

Taya's Bday was last week. My Little girl turned 7!! It is hard to confront, but I am pretty sure that all birthdays from here on out will be hard for me to confront, cause she is just not my tiny little baby!!!

Star - Taya is the sweetest most well behaved little girl ever! I'm not just saying that because I'm her auntie! I love her sweet face! She's my home girl! I love teaching her new words. Oh and we look just a like!

Cory - I love her little toothless smile. I love it when she runs up to me after work, screams daddy and throws herself into my arms.

Nana - I love that she loves my rolls. I think it is sweet that she sleeps with one of my rolls!! That makes it all worth while making them every Sunday!

Gavin - She's cool most of the time.

Shilo - Taya is my sweet pink baby! I love that she is a girl, I also love that she does not so girl, that she screams at every bug. She completes our family so well.

Gunner - I like having a sister. We play DS together.

Teisha - I remember how cute and little Taya was on my wedding day. And she looked adorable in her little blue sunflower dress.

Lyndsy - I love that Taya and Bella are best buds! She is just so sweet with her.

Johnny - Taya is so sweet and loving. I love how she plays with Arbor. She takes care good care of him and he has so much fun with him.