Monday, June 16, 2008

The start!

So Cory started the new job today. He was a bit nervous. He had to pass a background check. I said there was nothing on his background, but he was worried about a traffic violation on there from last year. I said everyone has some sort of traffic violation. He got to work this morning and was sent home!....because the back ground check had not come through. They have a strict policy that no one can work there with out a back ground check. But they called this afternoon and said everything looked great! He thinks he is going to enjoy it alot more than Nature's Way, it is way more in tune with what he

Friday, June 6, 2008

So Cory Interviewed for the Contempo Tile job today. He felt the interview went really well! And sure enough he was not home even an hour when they called and offered him the job. They wanted him bad enough they even offered a lot more money than he is making now. He will be working directly with contractors and he gets day hours! I am so excited! He will be off at 2:30, just in time to pick up the kids when school starts! Now the question is what to do with the kids for the next two months? That is what we are trying to work out now.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

The last two weeks have been long and fun! We spent three nice days in Park City at Cory's parents timeshare. We swam and I bought all the kids summer clothes at the outlet stores there. We were home for two days and then went to St. George. We spent two days with Teisha and Johnny. Then we went to a Allen family reunion. It was so fun seeing all the cousions I have not seen in awhile. I can't believe how big all their kids are getting. Then when we got home all 3 kids came down with tonsolitis. Poor things! Lucky Gunner only had to miss one day of school. His official last day of school is tomorrow, which I know he is excited about. Cory is being interviewed for a new job, that would be days!! Yes I am a little excited to have him join me in the crazy evenings, just for a little help! Taya was interviewed for kindergarten and more than likely will go to full days kindergarten, or so we hope!