Sunday, November 23, 2008


Why you still sitting there...go!
Okay, maybe not this moment, but it is worth seeing.
I went and saw the first midnight showing on Thursday night/Friday morning. Having scored a TICKET (Thanks Danelle!)
I was prepared to be disappointed, cause I thought the guy playing Edward was not nearly as cute as he was in my mind. But the movie rocked!! And "Edward" even pulled it off. Unlike a few of the Harry Potters, it even put as much of the book in as a 2 hour movie could hold. Plus Jacob was adorable, Bella was perfect and the guying playing James was HOT!
Even if you have not read the books, I think you would enjoy the movie.
I will deffinetly be seeing that again.

Now a plug for my sister in law. go check out
Lyndsy does digital Christmas Cards. They are so cute and only $15 and you get a digital copy so you can print as many as you want. They are cuter than anything I have seen on snapfish, costco and walmart. Plus she can customize them. So if you have a favorite color or need more pics or less pics, she can do it. She is amazing. She has done my moms for the past couple of year. Check it out.

If I don't make it back on before Thanksgiving..Hope you have a good one. And happy shopping the next day, of you are like Cory and I then you will be out shopping!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Super Saturday

So a few weeks ago I got to go to super Saturday. Here are the cute blocks I made for the kids for Christmas. And a set for me.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Quarter Collection

Cory started a state quarter collection for the kids. They were either to little or not born to start it them selves when the goverment started the quarter series. There is only one state left to come out - Hawaii.
Once the kids got older, they took over their on collecting. I must admit, Gunner, with his obsessiveness is the best at reminding us to update them.

Today, Cory and the kids broke out their collection. Gunner and Taya's are about complete.

But they are all missing a few. So if any of you come across any of the following. Please let us know.

New Mexico
South Dakota

Let us know if you have any of these.
Also, if you have been reading Gunner's blog, THANK YOU!! He is a bit obssesed with it, but it is encouraging him to read and write which was the goal!

Now I must share a rant!
In August, Cory and I went to Ken Garff Nissan in Orem to look at trucks. We didn't really intend to buy the day we went, however we we did. Or so we thought.
A month and half later we had not recieved any statement to pay on the truck, nor had we recieved plates for the truck. When we called them, they said they had been unable to get a loan and we would have to come and pick out something cheaper. When we got there the sales man (Shelton) tried to pressure us into a larger truck, older, which was what we were trying to avoid, for gas purposes, we really didn't need a bigger truck anyways. This truck had ALOT of miles on it and was only $5,000 less then the one we had. So we told him, we would just give them back their truck, we would take Cory's old tuck back (which was still on the lot) and call it good.
Shelton told us to give him a minute. 10 minutes later he said it had all been worked out, they would take $4,000 of the truck we were in and give us $500 more of our trade-in. By this point Cory and I were a little uncomfortable and asked if we could just walk away. We were told, oh no the loan has already been approved.
So another month goes by. We still have no plates and no bill from a finance place. I call to see were I need to make my payment and to get the plates and get the run around for the next two weeks. We finally get through to the laid who does the plates. She tells us the loan has still not financed! About this time Cory gets laid off. So know we are out of more than half our income. There is no way we are going to be able to make this payment, nor get approved for a loan. So the day after he is laid off, Cory goes to the dealer ship and tells them. They tell him he will have to come up with more money for the down payment (Uh, no money, he just got laid off!) or have a co signer. He says why would I have my family co sign for a loan, I know I can't make right now. They tell him not to worry about they will work something out! Huh? How?!? So two more weeks. And on Thursday we get a very rude message on our voicemail telling us we don't own the truck and to bring it back! So we go to the dealership and tell them we will just trade back, like we orginally wanted to do. But oh no, they have wholesaled the Cory's old truck! So now we are out a truck. Oh and did I mention in the process of trying to get us a loan they had our credit pulled over 20 times!!! When I point that out to him, he says that is no big deal, it will only knock our credit down a few points. To which I tell him a few points each time it is pulled! Then he tires to say that is standard. I point out when we bought our Charger 5 months earlier, they pulled out credit 3 times!

So bottom line, yes I am grateful I will not have to make the very large payment with out Cory's income. But, we strongly suggest, you stay away from Ken Garff Nissan!!!!!

Thanks for "listening" to me vent!

Monday, November 3, 2008

#1 Song

So this fun website will give you the #1 song on any given day.

#1 song when I was born.......Le Freak by Chic
When Cory was born....You Light up My life By Debby Boone
When Shaylee was born..Candle in the Wind by Elton John
When Gunner was born...Bills, Bills, Bills by Destiny's Child
When Gavin was born....Family Affair by Mary J Blige
When Taya was born.....All I Have by Jennifer Lopez featuring LL Cool J

I think this list just goes to show how old I am and how young the kids are!

Last one, the day Cory & I were married was Believe by Cher.

Check it out, it is pretty fun!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

More of too much sugar!

Okay so to continue...
On Friday afternoon we had several stops to make, we went to my moms house, my work, Grandma Johnson's work, then back to mom's house for pizza and my parents tradition of taking their grand kids around their neighborhood.Even Paislee and Kailia went out for a bit, until it started to sprinkle.

Then it was on to the Alphins house for donuts, hot cocoa and chili. This is another tradition of Cory's from when he was little. (By the way if you need a real estate agent, Don Alphin, is the best!!) Then back to our house.

Trick or Treating was kind of lame around our neighborhood. It is nice having a quite neighborhood, except there are no kids to play with and come trick or treating. So the kids and Cory headed out to get some candy. We only had about 10 trick or treaters to our house! I have so much candy left over!

Yesterday morning was super Saturday. I really wanted to go cause they had some cute things. So Spent the morning creating with my mom and Lyndsy. But I felt rushed because...

Yesterday was Gavin's birthday party too. I begged old man Johnson (that's my nickname for Cory when he is being grumpy) to let us have the party at Jumpin' Jacks or something. To save me from having 12 kids at my house. But no!! We ended up doing a Rock Band party for Gavin. He LOVED it! We played Rock Band, and Rock Band 2 (our gift to Gavin) had cake ate pizza-- you know whats scare, carrying in pizza into a group of 10 hungry boys! I almost lost an arm! Luckily Bella, Taya's cousin was their to keep Taya company, other wise the poor thing would have been lost! But Gavin had a blast. I intentionally did not put any candy into the gift bags, because I figured most parents were like me and disgusted with how much candy was already in the house! It was tempting though.

Saturday night we went to Tucano's (YUMMY!) with my family. Gavin really wanted them to sing to him with the drums. You should have seen how cute he was. I would post a picture, but I forgot my camera! So we were trying to be cheap and kids 6 and under are free. So we were trying to tell the waitress Gavin was 6 and he pipes up, "No, I am SEVEN!" Opps, got caught in that white lie! Serves me right I guess.

After that week, I woke up today intending to play slacker and skip church (I know shame on me!) I was all settled on the couch with a bowl of cereal and PJ's just starting to watch a marathon of Top Design. When I was pushed off my seat and yelled at by the spirit "Get up and go to church!" to which I argued "Why me? and I don't want to!" But he wouldn't leave me alone! So I got the kids ready and myself. And headed to church. We were even there early!
I had been praying and looking for a way to bring the idea of service and the meaning of Christmas to the kids. Since the gimmes have already started.
Our bishop was making the announcements that you actually hear when you are early. And the bishop began talking about the service project that our ward does every year. It is called Operation Christmas Child. And they do it in conjunction with the First Baptist church here in Springville. You get a plastic shoe box, pick a gender and an age and fill it with appropriate items. The items are then sent to a third world country. Every year Cory and I buy and donate a gift in honor of Shaylee that we would have gotten her, to toys for tots. I had already decided to do this project in Shaylee's honor. When it hit me, I need to let the kids see us do this and participate in this with us. So I made up my mind right then that we would present the idea to the kids tomorrow in family home evening. So I was already happy that I had come. And then the Relief Society lesson was about service! The spirit I felt there was amazing! I left that room in tears, knowing why I had been thrown off my comfy couch this morning. But, the Lord wasn't done! The kids, all three of them, had primary lessons about serving others! I could not ask for a better moment to present the idea of service to them. I get chills even now, thinking about how this all came about.

So what a week! I am sorry for the lenghty post, but I need to get it all down! So thanks to those who made it this far.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Too much Sugar!

So much has gone on this last week! I am so TIRED! Monday we had our annual pumpkin carving contest at my parent's house. I am sad to say my pumpkin did not win. Here's the picture

Can you believe it! I think it was rig, because Gunner, Gavin and Taya took 3rd. Okay, it might have looked better had I actually had time to carve it. But Cory and I ended up carving the kids. Gunner's pumpkin was so hard, it could only be carved with Cory's skill saw, Gavin lost interest after about 5 minutes, but still wanted his done and we would not let Taya use a knife. But I thought they turned out good.

Tayas is the top one, Gunners is on the right and Gavin's is on the left.

Levi and Starlee - the cheaters, won! (CHEATERS!) They tied for 1st.

This is Levi's. I don't have a picture of Star's cause hers was texted from St George.
I thought mom and Dads were AWESOME!

This is Dad's.

This is mom's. The hand and the eye were both carved from pumpkins.

I hope everyone does not think we are strange or weird, but even if you do, we had fun and that is all that matters!

So then Tuesday was Gavin's Birthday. Yup, my little man turned 7!! It was not much of a day, cause we knew we were going to go big Saturday for his party and out to eat. We also had Pack meeting. Gunner was suppose to get his Wolf, but they forgot it, so he will get it next month. We are the Wolf and Bear scout leaders. I thought nursery was a horrible calling, nah, this is the harder one! We have one boy that tries our patience!!! But our den did preform a skit, which turned out well.

Gavin's asthma started acting up really bad on wed and Thursday. He stayed home Thursday and was passed back and forth between Cory and my mom. Poor guy. He went and saw the doctor, who said his oxygen levels were fine, but he upped the dosage on his preventive meds, which are now making him throw up every night for the last 3 nights!

And then came Friday. The constant sugar high starting with Frosted Flakes for breakfast all the way to the one piece of candy before bed that I let them have. Cory and I helped at the school with parties. I went to Gunner and Cory to Gavin's. I also popped into Taya's class too. The Spanish teacher came dressed as Taya for Halloween. And Taya and Mrs Anderson matched in their snow white costumes. They have to dress within their curriculum, so something they are studying at school. Gunner's class just finished Treasure Island, so his Link costume doubled as a pirate. Gavin's class was classics story's so his captain Jack became a pirate from Treasure Island. And Taya's was fairy tales, so she was Snow White from Last year.

This was taken before school.

My MISfortune Teller costume.

Cory and I together. This was taken by Gunner, which was actually pretty cute! Cory is a rock star!

Okay, I am tired, so the remainder of the week will include such highlights as Trick or Treating, Gavin's Birthday party and dinner. So stay tuned for more to come!