Thursday, May 22, 2008

Home at last!

Okay, so Gunner was not faking! About 8:00 on wed. night he asked to go to the doctor. It must be bad if he WANTS to go to the doctor. The Doctor felt he was sick enough. (because I don't want to embarass Gunner, I won't say more than that he was having some stomache problems) to be admited into the hospital. He had to have an IV...he didn't even flinch while the nurse fished around for 15 minutes for the vain that disapperead. He also had to have a tube down the nose...which was not nearly as easy. He was there for a little over 24 hours, but it sure felt a lot longer! And when you added in one bad night complicated by the "bed" they provided me with, we were both glad to come home late last night! He is fine, no complications, just some follow up next week.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Being sick?

Okay if I don't post this now, while the kids aren't looking, I might not get a chance! Today has been rather hectic.

Story of the day: Taya had a dentist appointment this morning. Because she is so young and there was lots of work to do (a root canal and 2 caps) they decided to it under sedation. So she was not allowed to eat and drink after midnight. No one wants to get between Taya and her cereal. It's just a bad idea. I told her last night she was not going to get any cereal in the morning, just to kind of prepare her, hoping it might be a little easier in the morning. Not so much! She wanted dentist first thing, just like always. So after refusing her, repeatedly, she sat on the couch and pouted. Gunner woke up with a stomache bug, my punishment for letting him stay home yesterday. Now, Gunner sick, is not like a normal kid sick, if you ask Gunner it is 100 times worse then anyone elses illnesses. The kid is a drama king! So now I have Taya pouting and Gunner sicker than a dog. This makes Gavin feel, left out? So he says he has tummy ache. Can I say frustration! I tell Gavin, go to school, if you are still sick in an hour call me I will come get you. He wasn't happy, but school is almost out and I have not heard from him. But he says I'm the meansest mom. So back to Taya at 8:30 I have to give her a Vallium. Not fun, forcing that bitter pill into a cereal deprived little girl. But then she was fine...and so giggly. Everything was so funny. But that was nothing compared to the shot that they gave her once they got there. She cried and then all the sudden...asleep. Which is where she is now. But her teeth look so much better. I even got Gunner to take a nap. So this is what peace and quite feels like. I'll post a picture of the new teeth as soon as she dosen't look like a drugged princess. Have a happy day!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Getting Started

Okay, so I am taking a page from Lyndsy's book and trying this fancy new fangled thing you "youngsters" call a blog! If I make a blogging faux pas, forgive me, or better yet just stop reading this!

Story of the day: I woke up late this morning. In my rush to get going, I shook Gunner and Gavin awake. Now, normally, this is not that big of deal, but they did get a lot less sleep than they normally get this weekend. Gavy happily plopped into the bathroom, to start the daily ritual of getting the perfect faux hawk, that is just coll enough, but not over the top enough, to get him in trouble at school. I went back to my room to get ready. When I emerged 25 minutes later, Gavin was down stairs, all ready...Gunner was in bed, asleep, with the pillow and blanket over his head!! AHH! I was already running way late, so I pulled the blanket of him and told the little punk to get dressed! That was the last straw for Gunner! I have not seen him throw that type of a fit since he was in kindergarten! I was about to tell him to quite whining and get a move on, when it dawned on me, every once in a while you just need to play hooky and have a day where you indulge yourself! Which, for Gunner, the best way to indulge is to stay in your jammies and socks and do nothing but play video games and eat little snickers bars all day! So I told him that. You should have seen the look on his face! I am sure that was the last thing that he thought he would hear me say! But it worked. When I came home for work, the kid was totally calm and oh so happy! So I guess the lesson of the day is, its ok every once in awhile to take a break from everything and have some fun!