Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Peter Piper picked a Pumpkin

On Saturday we went to a pumpkin patch here in Springville and let the kids get their pumpkins. It was fairly busy because of the beutiful day! But we managed to find some good ones. We will be carving them this weekend and then will be kicking butt at my families anual pumpkin carving contest!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Family Pics and other stuff

We had pics taken on Saturday. They turned out so cute! Jill Scott, our photographer, is the best! But the range of looks on Tayas face is truly funny. She wouldn't relax and so they all look strained. Their a couple of cute ones, but for the most part....! I will be posting some of the pics later.

On a slightly less fun note, Cory was laid off today. He was working for Contempo Tile in Orem. There sales have been declining (as have everyones with anything to do with housing). So they had to lay off the two newest guys, which included Cory. They gave him a decent severance check at least. Which sort of leads to the next topic....

We have always said we wanted to live in St George. We have always said someday. But we feel if we don't do it know, before the kids get much older, then we would not be able to it at all. If Cory is going to have to get a new job, why not look there? We are praying about it. We have talked to the kids and they seem excited at the idea. So we will see....

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Tagged! 8 Things...

Okay, so I am a newbie blogger, so this is the first time I have been "tagged". But it seems fun, so thanks Karilyn, for introducing something fun and all about me (which doesn't happen often when you are a mommy"

8 Things I am passionate about:

1. Cory! Love of my life and best friend.
2. My kids, all 4 of them. Don't get me started on them.
3. My family
4. Living the gospel, and being an eternal family.
5. My friends
6. Staying out of unnecessary debt. Or as we call it "the Vacuum".
7. Ensuring my kids get a good education.
8. Scrapbooking, all though I am fairly far behind

8 Phrases I say Often:

1. Love you!
2. Walk it off.
3. I don't know how to make I don't know.
4. Are your arms and legs painted on. (thanks Dad!)
5. Turn off the games.
6. No, I don't speak Spanish.
7. Am I speaking Spanish again?
8. Good Afternoon, Traco.

8 Things I want to do Before I Die:

1. Go on a cruise.
2. Finish all my scrapbooks.
3. Make a "gourmet" meal.
4. Learn a foreign language.
5. Be a Size 8.
6. Visit Nauvoo.
7. See each of my children married in the temple.
8. Meet all of my grandchildren.

8 Things I want or Need:

1. To appreciate my kids and husband more.
2. To read to Taya more.
3. New dress shoes for work that aren't open toe.
4. A Gavy hug.
5. The economy to settle down.
6. A cricut machine.
7. Be more patient.
8. To stop coughing.

8 (or 5) People I Tag:
1. Teisha
2. Lyndsy
3. Laura
4. Athena
5. Michelle