Sunday, August 31, 2008

One last Fling!

So we promised the kids we would do something fun to end the summer this weekend. But the question was how to fit it in to this busy, busy weekend. Friday night was there school picnic, which was fun, but a little to school like. Then Saturday my Mom and I threw a bridal shower for my best friend from high school, Tammy (okay more like grade school.) We planned to take them to Seven Peaks on Monday, but then found out there was a huge storm expected Sunday/Monday. So we took them Saturday afternoon. We had a blast! We took the Hamberlin Kids with us (Hunter, Jade and Denver) Gunner and Hunter pretty much did there own thing. I tend to forget that Gunner is at the age, were maybe he doesn't want mom and dad hovering so much! Gavin and Cory were buds and did EVERYTHING, including the boomerang and the "toilet" as Gavin called it. So that left me, Taya, Jade & Gavin to do a few of the tamer things. I could barely get Taya on the tadpole area. So that nixed any of the slide for her. But we had so much fun, we will definitely be buying season passes next year, and getting the kids in some swim lessons.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

First Day of School

I am free!! Wednesday was the first day of school. After much debate, Cory and I decided to keep them in the charter school, Freedom Academy the boys attended last year. Gunner went into 4th. Gavin went into 1st and Taya started full day Kindergarten. I admit, I was a wreck when Cory and I took them to school. It was hard to watch them walk away and think that they really were all so big! It was really hard to let Taya go, cause she is so tiny and sweet. I worry about her alot more than the other two. They did great. Gavin has several of his friends from last year and I feel bad for Mrs. Frey, his teacher, she has no idea what she has gotten herself into! Gunner has a cute teacher. She is a bit young, and I will not even attempt to spell her name, cause I will butcher it! Gunner calls her Miss Cilantro. Taya has the same teacher Gavin had last year, who is awesome! So I know she will do great!
A cute side story, the kids were visiting their Nana. Nana asked how the first day of school was. They were telling her all about it when Nana asked Taya if she was the smallest one in her class, with out even hesitating Gunner says; "she's not the smallest, but she sure is the cutest!" It reminded me of when she was born and he was staring in the NICU window at her, he turns to his Nana and says "Isn't she precious!"