Tuesday, April 14, 2009

And the winners are....

Okay for all you who follow along to the antics of the crazy Tippetts clan, you know of our various contests through out the year, the pumpkin carving contest, the ugliest sock contest and the Easter egg decorating contest. This is the contest we started first and it has been going for 4 maybe 5 years. It started simple, a little egg die, some felt, a couple hours and ta-da a prize worth egg. But now the planning starts at least three weeks in advance, and then the scheming and yes even the trash talking! For all you who are "friends" with any of us on facebook, you may have seen the trash talking going on (sorry!).

This year the kids really got into it. They would not even tell me what they were planning, until I told them if they needed any supplies from the store, the better let me in on their plans!

So here is how it ended up...

Gunners Polar Bear eating a fish.

Gavins President Obama sticking his tongue out. (Gavin was very into the election this year.)

Tayas dog chasing a cat chasing a rat.

Corys Deviled Egg.

Mom's Alien & Ship (The sign says "take me to your Beater")

Levis golf ball (which is funny, cause he doesn't even play golf!)

Teishas Egg mobile (Which surprisingly one the most colorful...go figure)

Bellas pink sparkle egg

Okay and now for the big winners...
In third place

Starlees Mr Peanut (Gunner & Gavin went home and googled Mr Peanut, cause they had never heard of him, and were shocked at all the websites for Mr Peanut.)

In second place:

Dad's Waki Waki ohhhh Aaaah bird

And the winner!

Mine! Mr Potato Head. (that's right, I kicked your butts!)

I know we are crazy, but it was a lot of fun!