Friday, April 9, 2010

Winner, Winner... Chicken Dinner!

So first off, I have totally been neglecting our family blog. I have entered into a crafting competition that is consuming my life...but its a lot of fun! At least my craft blog looks good!

Now, for all of you who follow the crazy antics of the Tippetts are the winners of our 5th (I think) annual Easter Egg Decorating contest....

Levi's "Opps, I missed the potty!" egg

Gavin's Egg Digger egg

Taya's Pink Bunny Rabbit egg

Bella's Beautiful ballerina egg

Dad's Freaky Skeleton...he carved all that!! egg

Teisha's "We don't want to die, like that guy!"

Paislee's Yummy Yellow egg

Kailia's Pretty Pink egg

Starlee's Team Edward & Jacob eggs

My penguin egg

Unfortunately I did not get a picture of Arbor's Adorable egg...

And in 3rd place

Cory's Octo Mom

In 2nd place
Gunner's Mario and Luigi eggs

And the winner!!!
Rosie's Little Bow Peep...there is an egg in the lamb and in the dress!

We all know, she cheated...but it is pretty cute!

1 comment:

The Umbergers said...

Mom always cheats!! She is such a cheater! Mine totally should have won!!